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TEAM program

Texas Gymnastics and Texas Dance & Cheer Academy is proud to offer competitive programs for all those who qualify. Your child has the opportunity to compete for the TXG family in the competitive arenas of gymnastics, cheerleading and dance.


Competitive Gymnastics

Our competitive gymnastics program is currently competing in the TAAF XCEL arena, which is open to all children ages 5-18 years of age. It is a optional level competition circuit based in the state of Texas. Children have the opportunity to move through the levels starting at Bronze and ending with Diamond. The XCEL program allows each child to compete routines that cater to their strengths, while maintaining an even balance of time inside and outside of the gym. Their season runs from December and ends at the beginning of May. For information on joining our teams, please contact Coach Debbie at

Competitive Cheer

Our 2022-2023 competitive season is off to a rocking star with our amazing Black Ops and Bomb Squad All-Star teams! We are excited to expand our teams even further for the next season. Tryouts are around the corner if you are interested in joining one of our dynamic and hard working cheer teams,


For information on joining our competitive cheer squad, please contact the front desk at 972-285-8482


Competitive Dance

TXDCA is entering its second competitive dance season with 3 different teams being offered. These girls will compete in a variety of dance competitions this season and push themselves even harder than last!

We are so excited to see the significant growth of our dance teams between season 1 and 2 and cannot wait to see what season 3 will bring. Tryouts will be late spring time, if interested please contact the front desk at 972-285-8482.

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